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The Magician, The Magician has all the tools to make himself successful. He has the purest form of each suit, with a wand for ambition, a cup for emotional fulfillment, a sword for mental stability, and a pentacle for material wealth in hand. Everything has lined up in the universe to let the Magician move forward with real confidence. The eternity symbol above his head shows that even his possibilities are endless. Willpower, confidence, good ability, cosmic timing, manifestation Disgrace, unpreparedness, weak ability, mismanaged talents, denial


The High Priestess, The High Priestess is intuition in its truest form. She sees both the past and present and understand what needs to be done to succeed. Holding an ancient, religious text, she represents both knowledge of this world and knowledge of an outer world. In a way, she is the bond between science and religion, making you believe in the unknown. She can sometimes be seen as the holiest figure in the Tarot. Intuition, inner wisdom, higher powers at work, mystery, destiny Surface knowledge, shallow thinking, hidden agendas, unpreparedness, shyness


The Empress, The Empress is supreme. She is the ultimate female figure, overflowing with abundance and maternal love. In fact, she often represents all things maternal, such as childbirth and a happy home. Her abundance is material and she is known to bring material wealth. She sits in an endless garden that filled with growth and love. She is creative and uses the powers around her to create her realities. Fruitfulness, creative ventures, love, the birth of a project, abundance Dependence, halted plans, barrenness, creative block, staleness


The Emperor, High on his throne, the Emperor is stern and commanding. He holds a staff and a globe to represent the world he rules over. He represents responsibility and is the typical father figure. He is structure and organization, and is the perfect complement to The Empress, her whimsy, and her endless abundance. The Emperor demands a plan and wants you to remember that strength and order is only the way forward. Responsibility, authority, power, protection, truth Immaturity, confusion, obstruction, laziness, fruitlessness


The Hierophant, The Hierophant represents traditional views and religion. He is a leader, unifying members of his group and spreading traditional knowledge. What he wants is to keep regulations and encourage group thinking. He believes in old values. His belief is the reason he is an expert at unifying the masses. He dictates to clergymen from opposing sides, coaxing them together with his words and spreading the good message of age old, tried and tested values. Religion, authority, tradition, goodness, knowledge Weakness, foolish giving, laziness, challenging old views, diversity


The Lovers, The Lovers are joined by fate. They represent a good union and a favorable idea. Each figure is one part of a whole, and they can only be brilliant when together. The energy behind this card represents the strongest love of all. It represents youth and the innocence of human love, as the figures stand in a union blessed by the heavens. Their values are aligned with the divine will and together they will go far. Love, fated union, good plans, good outcome, destiny Failure, disharmony, dislike, imbalance, failed relationships


The Chariot, A strong figure is being led by a chariot that is speeding head first into the future. The Chariot represents fast action. It is another step on the ladder forward. This time, the step is favorable. The figure in The Chariot has overcome doubts in order to carry out this plan, so against all odds, he is going to do it. His companions on either side represent the light and dark in every situation. Overcoming challenges, success, triumph, progress, forwardness Anger, foolish behavior, lack of control, dispute, stagnation


Strength, A woman bends down to look in the mouth of a lion. The lion does not attack her and the two of them find peace in the moment. This is what Strength is all about. It represents having courage to go forward no matter what and that there is a silver lining in every situation. Finding the patience to go through a hard task will give you the strength to evolve later. Patience, compassion, action, courage, righteousness Abuse of power, weakness, self-doubt, laziness, sadness 


The Hermit, The Hermit has taken what he has learned on his journey and is using this time to reflect on it. This card represents the internal experiences that are necessary to be truly successful. The figure in this card is taking a step back and reflecting in the dark with one single light. He needs to learn to be at peace with himself in order to understand the outside world better. Meditation, being alone, caution, inner guidance, inner wisdom Withdrawal, disguise, fear, loneliness, isolation


Wheel of Fortune, The time is now. The Wheel of Fortune is spinning and represents a time for action. As we know, luck can change, going up and down even at the most difficult times. The Wheel of Fortune describes finding a sign that we have been waiting for. All things are pointing to a resolved outcome! Behind the wheel are endless clouds and blue skies, once again revealing that smooth sailing is within reach. Good fortune, destiny, success, unexpected luck, fate at work Increase, abundance, superfluity, karma, delayed blessings


Justice, Justice is the truest form of order. The figure in this card is weighing scales and seeking balance. The scales represent morals and truth and the figure is evaluating what each action in your life means. Positive actions lead to positive outcomes and negative actions will lead to negative outcomes. Like The High Priestess, Justice also represents otherworldly wisdom and searching. Dedication to the divine is also alluded to with this card. Balance, righteousness, order, the law, equality Legal matters gone wrong, abuse of justice, inequality, chaos, imbalance


The Hanged Man, The Hanged Man has been going about his business all wrong and is trying to find a different perspective. This is why he is hanging upside down. His thoughts are being reversed and he is being helped by divine wisdom. The formation of his legs make a 4 when he is right side up, proving that a change in perspective can lead to the stability that is present in the 4s. External wisdom, change in perspective, sacrifice, challenges, adversity Following the norm, selfishness, lack of action, stagnation, stubbornness


Death, Death only comes when there is a necessary change to be made. It is the most feared card in the Tarot but it really should not be. The grim reaper is coming to tell you that something must end for a brighter and truer form to be born. It is a soft ending compared to the terror of The Tower. Death beckons you to a new stage without being too harsh or too rough. Transformation, endings, change, loss, regeneration Resistance, stubbornness, inability, doom, sadness


Temperance, Temperance is a winged figure, balancing earth and heaven in perfect harmony. With a foot dipped in the ocean to connect with the underworld, a foot on land to connect with the physical world, and her head in the skies, Temperance is all about achieving perfect balance. Temperance also represents divine intervention and guidance, messages from beyond, and balancing your spiritual and physical lives. Balance, wisdom, management, combinations, divine guidance Competition, chaos, divide, imbalance, stubbornness


The Devil, The Devil represents addiction, obsession, and unhealthy practices. The two figures are chained to the Devil, feeding it and living with it every day. They are not aware that they need to break free and, in a way, they are unsure that they want to. The Devil controls all of their desires and makes them feel as if they need the Devil more than the Devil needs them. Ravage, addiction, obsession, lust, materialism Breaking free, liberation, detachment, restored power, revolution


The Tower, Lightning crashes into The Tower at break-neck speed and all of its residents are forced to run. The energy behind The Tower card is hurried and sometimes violent. The residents in The Tower were told over and over again that they needed to change but they did not listen. The only thing left is for divine intervention to take hold. This is change for better or for worse, but it is necessary. Force, calamity, unforeseen circumstances, adversity, change Lesser force, adversity, fear of change, avoidance, laziness


The Star, The Star represents hope, inspiration, and destiny. A female figure is bending down to get water from a pond. The water and the pond represent our external senses and the small hints we get as we go about the day. The Star reminds us that seeking wisdom outside of yourself can lead to wonderful things. The inspiration we get from the smallest situation can mean a world of difference. Tranquility, hope, inspiration, a bright future, destiny Avoidance, ignoring signs, arrogance, failed hopes, ignorance

The Moon, While The Star represents the outer world, The Moon represents the inner world. All of your intuitive impulses, your dreams, and your hidden desires are reflected in The Moon card. Under the moon, what you see might not always be what is real. What someone says might be false too. The Moon reveals things that are in the shadows and brings illusions to light that were not present in the daytime. Shadows, illusions, deception, dreams, intuition Instability, silence, confusion, letting go of fear, freedom


The Sun, The Sun is the highest form of success and goodness present in the Tarot. It shines over everything and everyone, bringing freedom, love, and acceptance to everything its rays touch. Under the guidance of The Sun, everyone is free to follow their dreams and go their own way. There is nothing but blue skies ahead when this card appears. With The Sun, everyone will be able to rest easy. True happiness, fortune, love, a good path, vitality Material happiness, fortunate marriage, contentment, tenacity, luck


Judgement, Judgment Day has come and all your actions and inactions will be evaluated by higher powers. This is what the Judgment card is about. A winged figure plays the trumpet to sound to beginning of the process. Everyone will be judged and sent to follow their destiny from this moment on. This card represents strength in will and is the sign that will point everyone to their destined paths. Revival, outcome, destiny, determination, inner calling Delay, weakness, self-doubt, ignorance, arrogance


The World, The World is the final message of the major trump cards. It represents true completion and resolution. With a supreme being in the center surrounded by blue skies, The World is the perfect and best resolution to any situation. Everything has happened up until now for this exact moment. Now, everything is ending the way it is meant to be. Like Justice, The World brings a calm, patient, and justifiable end. Resolution, completion, accomplishment, travel, order Stagnation, tiredness, lack of completion, beginnings, avoidance


The Fool, With bright eyes and a spring in his step, The Fool is ready to begin his lifelong journey. He has not prepared much, but he is naive and sees things with a new perspective, which is why he will be able to succeed. A small dog follows him along his journey, protecting him from harm. He has no fears and only wishes for the best outcome. The Fool marks the beginning of the Tarot. New beginnings, growth, development, adventure, naivety Absence, carelessness, vanity, jadedness, arrogance


Ace of Wands, A hand holds onto a wand from outside the clouds and presents it to you proudly. This is the most powerful form of the wands suit. It is new inspiration and ambition in its purest form. Mountains are rising in the distance to symbolize the overall growth of your ambition. The owner of this wand has divine will on their side, representing untapped potential and newness. Creation, invention, beginnings, newness, ambition Halted creativity, untapped potential, tired creations, ignorance, jadedness A new passion project will emerge. Tap into your unlocked potential for good results.


Two of Wands, A travelling man stands watch on top an old roof, looking out into the distance between two wands. He is holding a globe in his right hand, representing untapped potential and unlimited possibilities. He is looking across the sea at something he does not have a good view of. Unsure and almost unwilling, he is weighing his options before making the next step onward. What he needs is the courage to act. Look to the future, options, decisions, contemplation, choice Hesitation, stagnation, fear of the unseen, paranoia, uncertainty The two choices you have are both new and exciting. The future is for those who have time to wait.


Three of Wands, A scholar is gazing out into sea, surrounded by three strong wands. In the far, far distance, there is land but it is without of reach for this scholar. His travels have taken him far but he has not reached that level just yet. Still, he can see it and that makes the biggest difference. The wands are planted firmly in the ground, representing his ideas being grounded in reality. Travel, enterprise, trade, cooperation in business, expansion Closed minded, adversity, delays, lack of long term goals, too much waiting You will receive an important call from a faraway friend. Collaboration will favor enterprise.


Four of Wands, Smiling female figures celebrate a joyous occasion between four wands planted firmly in the ground. Their prior actions and decisions have led them to this place where they can calmly set up camp and enjoy their own company. There is a bright sky behind them, symbolizing the radiance and beauty of the situation. This is a perfect spot for birthdays, weddings, or any other gathering of friends. There is no pressure in this place. Peace, celebrations, harmony, temporary happiness, love Prosperity, success, happiness, increase, beauty Do not be surprised if you hear good news suddenly. A married woman will have beautiful children.


Five of Wands, Five figures, each carrying their own wands, are clashing with each other in an open field. They are not angry, but are in competition with one another, trying to see who is the better athlete or fighter. They are pretending to be passionate, but by doing that, they are able to reveal a true competitive edge to best each other. Underneath it all, they are friends who need a fair fight every now and then. Tension, competition, skill, conflict, advantages Contradictions, avoiding conflict, diversity, overcoming obstacles, pride There is a necessary rough patch before coming out on top. Conflict will turn into a big win for you.


Six of Wands, A rider holding onto one wand has returned with good news for everyone. He is surrounded by five more wands, which come to greet him as he arrives. This rider is leading a group because he is trusted and honest. He has worked hard for this position, using all his knowledge and experience to win over the masses. Now is his turn to bask in the spotlight and spread his message of positivity. Good news, success, triumph, promotion, mobilization Bad news, failed attempts, disarray, lack of confidence, miscommunication You are the highest candidate for a promotion at work. You might not be able to get many people on your side.


Seven of Wands, A young man is holding a staff and brandishing it among six other wands below him. He is fending off the visitors who are waving the wands at him. His wand represents defense against these visitors, as he tries to maintain his position on the rock. It is not easy but he is managing. He has done it before so he is confident. His confidence is what drives him forward. Defense, courage, leadership, negotiations, competition Anxiety, indecision, lack of confidence, confusion, feeling overwhelmed You are prepared to fight a difficult battle. Do not let the words of others confuse you.


Eight of Wands, Eight wands rush through the air at impeccable speed. Now is the time for action! The swiftness of these wands represents fast, flying ideas and determination. This reveals an active time. Something new is coming, following behind the wands and waiting to land from the skies, and it is unexpected. The bright blue of the background represents newness and boldness. Now is not the time to be shy. This is a time to grasp dreams. Determination, action, travel, passion, ambition Jealousy, pettiness, stagnation, missing a point, delays Your work could take you overseas. The plans you have been making might fall through.


Nine of Wands, This figure has had about enough judgment. He is holding onto a wand, standing defensively against his eight wands behind him. He is awaiting attack because he knows it is coming. His defensiveness is reflected in the strong display of wands behind him. They stand straight and still, ready to be knocked down. He is tired of picking them up and fighting the same battle, but he will do it one last time. Challenges, taking a stand, persuasion, defensiveness, courage Obstacles, hesitation, weak thoughts, failed attempts, tiredness This is the final challenge you have to face. Your words are of no use here.


Ten of Wands, A man is holding onto a huge burden and is struggling to keep his ten wands in order as he walks along his path. He has taken on too much and has no one to help him out. He does not have a choice but to continue. Luckily for him, he is almost at the end. He will not need to struggle much longer because the road ahead is shorter than the road behind him. Hard work, obligations, endings, completion, responsibility Delays, immaturity, avoiding issues, unreliability, arrogance The finish line is closer than you think, but you need to work harder. You are making yourself miserable for no reason.


King of Wands, The King of Wands sits upon his throne with a sense of entitlement. He has worked hard to get where he is and he refuses to compromise for anyone. He is not mean but he is truthful and intimidating. He is passionate about what he believes in and speaks only truth because there is no point otherwise. He has the symbol of the lion to show he is the true ruler of the kingdom. Strength, cunning, honesty, entrepreneurship, leadership Maliciousness, harsh, ruthless, hard to please, dishonest It is important not to lose sight of your larger goal. Your ruthlessness will not get you what you want.


Queen of Wands, The Queen of Wands is a supportive figure who helps you through her zest for life and her passions. She will help you get the promotions through her steady belief that you are capable. She is vibrant and passionate about what she does. Through her passion, she inspires others to be just like her. She is not theatrical or showy. Instead, she prides herself on being her most authentic self. Success in business, healthy challenges, a good path, determination, love Resistance, shallowness, lack of ambition, aggression, dull thoughts You are ready to take on whatever is thrown at you. There is greater potential that you are not using.


Knight of Wands, The Knight of Wands is headstrong. He has great ideas and plans but none of the knowhow to make them a reality. Still, he pushes through and he tries because that is what he was born to do. He is on a horse, on a journey, and is ready to take in all he can. The horse facing onward represents his need to get up and make his ambitions a reality. Flight, moving, brash decisions, fiery personality, new ambitions Division, fights, delays, lack of coordination, rushing into projects Get ready for a new and exciting project. A relationship might hit hard times.


Page of Wands, The Page of Wands, like all pages, brings a message and his is a message of ambition. He has no experience, like The Fool, but he desperately wants to start something new. With nothing but ambition, he will go forward and begin to put his plans into motion. He is playful and enthusiastic as he examines his wand. He is rediscovering what he loves the most about life and love. Finding your calling, new dreams, aspirations, ambition, a new project Bad news, delays, laziness, lack of direction, replanning A young man is looking for a partner. Someone selfish in your life wants some of your success.


Ace of Cups, A divine hand reaches out and holds an overflowing cup. The cup represents love and emotions. This is the most powerful form of the cups suit. It is new relationships and new love all at once. The water from the hand and the cup is flowing back into the river to symbolize the unity we feel with our emotions. With the Ace of Cups, everything is full circle. New relationship, ultimate love, happiness, overflowing emotion, compassion Stagnation, blocked emotions, untapped potential, miscommunication, misguidedness A new relationship will begin to blossom. Keep your eyes open for love nearby.


Two of Cups, Two figures are saying vows to each other, promising to be together and spend their days with one another. This is the energy of the Two of Cups. This card represents unity and a new relationship. As well as representing a bond, the two figures also represent a duality of emotions and two parts of a whole. The reason this union is so strong is because the two are actually one. Friendship, duality, union, love, courtship Imbalance, lack of love, dislike, discontent, ending The plans you have will make you happy. You have fallen in love for the wrong reasons.


Three of Cups, Three women gather together, singing, dancing, and laughing with three cups held high. They enjoy their own company and are celebrating a special occasion. The woman in the center is an important guest. She represents the one being celebrated, but even so, her friends are gathered around her as if they are all one in the same. They can share a drink together in peace. Celebrations, friendship, women only parties, community, creativity Expedition of business, dispatch, achievement, excess in physical enjoyment, crowding News of a marriage might be coming soon. End of the troubles will be expected.


Four of Cups, A man is sitting under a tree with four cups. He is being offered one cup but he does not want to take it. He is bored and tired of everything. He has been sitting under the tree too long. He wants to move from this spot but he does not know where to go. All these problems are bogging him down but he does not really want to do anything about them. Contemplation, fatigue, apathy, jadedness, dissatisfaction New relations, new instruction, new chances, signs, novelty You do not enjoy what you used to. New acquaintances will be entering your life.


Five of Cups, A figure is mourning his three fallen cups. He refuses to listen to anyone and only sees that the cups he used to love have been shattered. If he would look behind him, he would see that he still has two cups remaining. They are standing upright and represent true opportunity. He is too wrapped in his sadness to pay any attention and because of that, he is missing out. Change, lost opportunity, misdirection, temporary sadness, contemplation Acceptance, going forward, being optimistic, changing views, openness A slight change will bring a real opportunity. You are moving too fast and need to pause.


Six of Cups, Children in a garden are exchanging flowers with one another while they dance around six cups. The energy in this card is nostalgia. These two children knew each other for awhile and have come back to the garden they used to play in. The house in the background represents the stability of the past. The flowers exchanged represent sweet memories and love from a long time ago. Happy memories, love, nostalgia, innocence, childhood Looking forward, sour memories, growing up fast, delusion, experience A childhood love will make his or her appearance. Be realistic about your relationship.


Seven of Cups, A man is standing in front of seven different cups and they each hold something he wants. He is not sure if he is imagining them or not, but he does not care. All the choice he wanted is right in front of him. The items in each cup represent choices and sins. He will choose one but cannot decide. Without deciding, he chooses them all and falls into a greed trap. Ideas, need to focus, delusion, fantasy, choices Planning, resolutions, desire, will, projects, determination Your biggest challenge is making a decision. Try to be less picky going forward.


Eight of Cups, A man is retracing his steps back into the forest he left behind. Whether he is looking for something in the forest or he needs to pass through is unclear. The forest represents both the past and his confusion. In order to come through on the other side, he needs to return. He thought he was getting closer to his goal, but this is the one thing he has to do before he reaches it. Returning, delusions, going backwards, abandonment, withdrawal Great joy, feasting, public rejoicing, happiness, luck In order to go forward, you need to go backwards. Find your direction again before you make any decisions.


Nine of Cups, A figure sits on a throne surrounded by nine full cups. He is spoiled for choice and cannot believe that he got exactly what he asks for. The nine cups represent being on cloud nine and receiving your true hearts wish. This card is often known as the wish card and it mainly represents good things. Like the man in the picture, it is just a matter of opening a hand to accept blessings. Wishes fulfilled, happiness, luck, joy, true desires Greed, overindulgence, excess, comfort, choice The outcome is what you need, not what you want. Focus on what you really want.


Ten of Cups, Two adult figures and two children dance under the sun and ten cups in the sky. The sky is bright and blue, and there is nothing but pure bliss. This card represents unity, love, and true fulfillment. They have gone through emotional trials and have come out with their cups filled and their hearts warm. All they know is pure love. Very few things can bother them in this space. Happiness, emotional fulfillment, marriage, aligned views, bliss Imbalance, misaligned views, overextending, stagnation, untapped feelings A happy marriage or union is in the cards. You have spent too much time on the wrong thing.


King of Cups, The King of Cups is jovial and loving. He did not get to where he was by being stingy. In fact, he always has something to give. His heart is full, like the cup he holds, and he has lived a thorough and plush life. He does not get into arguments easily because he understands his place in the world and is comfortable in it. He only wants the best for everyone. Balance, emotions, control, true love, compassion Manipulation, discord, pettiness, moodiness, inconsistency Someone new will enter your life soon. All the advice you get is not useful.


Queen of Cups, The Queen of Cups is lavish and smart. She is intuitive and psychic, and she knows things about you without ever having to ask. She is a good speaker and only speaks truth. Those who are around her often know she is warm and kind, but harsh. Her throne is strong, representing the toughness underneath her soft exterior. She will love and raise you like her own child because she knows everyone is equal. Security, strength, love, intuition, communication Dependency, mystery, judgment, dishonor, lies Someone in your close circle is talking about you. Stay away from people who bring up the past.


Knight of Cups, Idealistic, young, and disillusioned, the Knight of Cups is in love with love. He wants to ride on horseback to the love of his life and rescue her from a tower. He wants to be the ideal lead character in the movie of his life. His dreams are fantastic but his reality is limited. He means well, but struggles with turning his fantasies into truth. He is young and still needs to learn how. Romance, ideals, youth, fantasy, love Unpreparedness, jealousy, moodiness, failed plans, boredom Your dreams can now be turned into reality. Do not look to others for ideas.


Page of Cups, The Page of Cups, like all pages, is a messenger and his message is one of love. He brings soft words and empty words that he has not learned the meaning of yet. But that does not make them any less truthful. He wants to grow up and be like those he admires, but he is not there yet. His gaze towards the cup represents his awe of the world. Love letters, emotions, new projects, creativity, beginnings Immaturity, untapped potential, creative blocks, shallowness, jealousy A new romance could begin very soon. Try to take a break and come back to a project.


Ace of Swords, A hand is holding a sword up to the sky. The sword pointing towards the blue sky represents the potential for growth. The Ace of Swords is mental energy and new projects in its purest form. Like all aces, this card brings amazing potential for something new. This new idea is hanging just below the clouds, but only few will take the time to look up and grasp the opportunity. New project, exciting opportunities, ideas, growth, business dealings Untapped potential, stagnation, ignorance, obliviousness, laziness Get ready to be hit with a new business venture. Keep your eyes and ears open for partnerships.


Two of Swords, The moon hangs above a blindfolded figure in the Two of Swords. This person has two swords crossed in either direction. Both swords symbolize opinions or choices and the moon symbolizes intuition. This person has a difficult decision to make and has the power to make it, even if she does not see that herself. She would rather play oblivious and wait for the answer to come to her. Choices, confusion, arrogance, lack of foresight, blockage Indecision, ease, lack of devotion, communication, avoidance Marry your opposing views together for good results. Everything should be much clearer at the moment.


Three of Swords, Three swords pierce down through a bleeding heart against the sad, blue background. The Three of Swords carries this type of heavy energy. Grief is the main story, as the owner of this heart has left it behind. The suffering was too much and he or she could not be bothered to go on. If only he or she had just waited, they would have found that time really does heal all wounds. Sorrow, grief, heartbreak, rejection, sadness Ease, optimism, release, light at the end of the tunnel, truth Your decision to move on was a good one. Things are a lot better than you currently realize.


Four of Swords, A knight is lying on a bed while three swords hang above his head. The last sword is below him as he sleeps. He is tired from grieving and fighting and is taking a well needed break. After this, he will have to take up the sword underneath him. That sword represents action, but this is not the time for that. Now, the most important thing is to rest for the next battle. Meditation, rest, solace, solitude, preparation Precaution, burning out, dissatisfaction, rushing, detachment Someone around you is draining all your energy. You need to be more serious about your goals.


Five of Swords, Three men have been fighting and two have been defeated. The victor is holding three swords and appears happy in his triumph, but he has not really won anything. This battle of wits did not need such strong weapons, which is why the other fighters have left. The swords are sharp words and ideas, and in this card, they are thrown about carelessly. The victor cannot balance all three. Argument, fruitlessness, tension, anger, confusion Affliction, lack of progress, repeating mistakes, change, past issues A great new idea or venture is below the surface. This fight is a winnerless battle.


Six of Swords, A ferryman is taking a passenger across a narrow stream with six swords watching and waiting. We do not see the faces of these people, because they are looking forward and moving quietly towards their goal. They are determined. They are done with the failures and trials of the past and are looking forward to the brightness of the future. The swords represent their mental resolve as they head into the future. Voyage, determination, focus, travel, moving forward Stagnation, ignorance, belittling, excess baggage, waiting The journey will be easy for you. You are heading towards the wrong direction. 


Seven of Swords, A man is struggling to run away with as many swords as he can. He is looking over his shoulder so that he does not run into anyone. He has five swords in hand and has left two. He is taking quick steps as he runs. He is doing something in secret and is hoping that he does not run into any trouble. He wants to run as fast as possible with his new knowledge. Secrecy, mystery, enigma, lies, deceit Openness, breaking free, overcoming challenges, optimism, chances You are asking questions that the universe cannot answer at the moment. Someone has given you good advice that you are ignoring.


Eight of Swords, A woman has been blindfolded around eight swords and has no indication of where she is. She is in bondage, but it is only temporary. With little hints, she will be able to break free, but it will take more work than she is willing to admit. She has nowhere to turn. Going back would mean running into swords and going forward would mean the same. She has to rethink everything. Isolation, lack of choice, going with the flow, asking questions, restriction Openness, choices, opportunity, a new day, strength The outcome is the same no matter what you decide. A quirky opportunity will reveal itself to you soon.


Nine of Swords, A woman sits on her bed, crying into her hands as nine swords surround her. She is in utter agony. She is depressed and afraid and her head in her hands represents fear and shame. The only thing she knows is sorrow. The rigidness of the swords represents their harshness towards her situation. She has nowhere else to turn and is stuck in this bed with everything she is most afraid of. Failure, lament, fear, depression, anxiety Shame, fear, torment, severe depression, loss This is not a good time to begin plans. Your doubts are right and your fears are justified.


Ten of Swords, Ten swords are mounted by a fallen man as the sun sets in the distance. This is not a sad card. Even though the man appears defeated, he is facing the sunset and is able to see this beauty one last time. His suffering is ending like the sun is setting. This card represents the end of a cycle. This cycle of suffering and torment has finally ended. The man is finally happy. Endings, defeat, loss, gaining perspective, truth Advantages, success, impermanent favors, profit, authority Push through this final challenge and the glory is yours. Victory and good fortune are waiting after the battle.


King of Swords, The King of Swords sits with a stern face as he holds onto his clean sword. The sword represents clarity and triumph, and the king is well traveled and clear of mind. He has been all over the world and does not stress out about small things. He is popular, speaks well, and knows how to gather people around him. He represents virtue and strength of mind. Communication, clarity, judgment, intelligence, business Bad intentions, crisis, distrust, betrayal, dishonesty Someone in the law or medical profession will come into your life. Someone is using his or her strong words against you.


Queen of Swords, The Queen of Swords, like all swords people, is about communication and ideas. She supports others through her speaking and knows how to talk her way out of any situation. She is a bit harsh, but that is the only way she knows how to get her point across. She represents integrity. When she appears, she knows how to get the most out of a bad situation and turn it into a positive one. Power, communication, harshness, progress, determination Deceit, grief, misguided power, mercilessness, arrogance A relationship is not the right one and you will know which one soon. A strong female figure is trying to dictate your life choices.


Knight of Swords, The Knight of Swords represents swift action. He does not always plan things, but he knows how he would like to carry them out. He is more of a doer than anything. He is pure hearted and means well, but his visions can be slightly unrealistic. If only he would plan more carefully, he could be more successful. But he does not really care about that. He just wants to get things done fast. Confidence, speaking well, communication, hasty, visionary Obsession, arrogance, rushing the wrong way, bad decisions, sadness Now is the time for you to go full speed ahead. Take a step back and reevaluate your choices.


Page of Swords, A young page is holding a sword in the wind. He is not looking at it, but he holds it so confidently that it does not matter. The clouds are whipping around and the air is filled with newness. The page is quick and ready to act if anything if thrown his way. He stands by the water, ready to go on a new adventure. He wants to get out and see the world. Knowledge, newness, vigilance, new ventures, travel Untapped potential, laziness, immaturity, haste, too much talking You might be traveling overseas very soon. Someone near you wants to approach you with an offer.


Ace of Pentacles, A hand from the clouds is holding up one golden pentacle. This is material wealth and new business in its truest form. The pentacle represents wealth. It is suspended in the air, being handed down to you through the clouds. It is within reach. What you choose to do with it is up to you, but the potential is there. This card means that a change for the better financially is on its way. New job, money, wealth, success, triumph Pursue of riches, gain, profit, money, material wealth There is exciting news on its way to you very soon. Look for employment in an unconventional place.


Two of Pentacles, Decisions, decisions. The dancing figure in this card is balancing two pentacles, weighing his options and trying to figure out where to go next. The Two of Pentacles is all about options and trying to find out what is best. However, even if this man cannot make a decision, the most important thing is that he keeps moving forward. Being still will hurt him in the long run. Balance, progress, options, comparisons, unpreparedness Lack of choice, streamlining, confusion, delays, financial loss Soon, one of your options will seem clearer than before. Use facts to go forward or you will be in trouble.


Three of Pentacles, Three scholars are helping build a place of education and learning in the Three of Pentacles. They are collaborating and speaking with each other in order to get the job done. Each of them brings his own unique ideas and that is what propels this project forward. The energy behind this card is one of collaboration. It is only with teamwork and management skills that the project will get done. Employment, power, trade, education, teamwork Lack of teamwork, mediocrity, work delays, missed opportunities, carelessness It is a good time to use a new skill to get farther in life. Take a closer look at your last project. Something is missing.


Four of Pentacles, A crowned figure sits on his massive throne with a pentacle at each of his limbs. He has one above his head, two at his feet, and one in his hands. The position of these pentacles represents true stability in all areas of life. He has planned for the future carefully and has put away every penny he has. He has nothing to worry about. Nothing can shock him now in his material fortress. Stability, responsibility, saving, material wealth, planning Walls, greed, excess, arrogance, solitary actions The most important thing for you to do now is save money. Do not become obsessed with your material possessions. 


Five of Pentacles, Two figures pass a decorated window in the dead of winter. They do not have food or a place to live. They cannot even look in the window because it represents everything they do not have, including money and status. Tonight, they will try and find a place to sleep and recover before heading out tomorrow, continuing this cycle of poverty and mistrust. They think only have each other. Poverty, negative mindset, material loss, isolation, worry Recovery, delayed wealth, moving into a positive mindset, truth, chances Do not assume the wealthy do not think about you. You have escaped a very difficult situation.


Six of Pentacles, A merchant is weighing money and giving it out to two figures in need. He is giving them no more or less than they are asking for. What he gives out equals the amount that he gets back. The scales represent balance and trade. As a merchant, he knows how to give without going poor and he knows how to make money. It has become very useful for him to have these skills. Gifts, prosperity, trade, balance, progress Selfishness, envy, lust, greed, imbalance Give a little more to reap your rewards. Let go of your possessions and move on.


Seven of Pentacles, A young farmer admires the garden he is growing among seven shining pentacles. He is planting seeds in hopes that soon he will be able to enjoy his riches. He cannot say for sure when the harvest will come, but he believes it so much that it does not matter. He has full faith. The energy behind this card is patience and hard work. Even without seeing, the farmer believes in the future. Patience, hard work, gain, profit, charity Experience, anxiety, mistrust, mismanaged finances, suspicion Your wishes are coming full circle. Do not overspend when you do not have the means.


Eight of Pentacles, A craftsman is working hard on creating eight beautiful pentacles. He has worked tirelessly but now he is almost done. As he pieces together the last few, his mood changes and he is ready to finally take a closer look at his masterpiece. He has waited a long time for this. The energy behind this card is creation. The craftsman works every day in hopes that his dream will be fulfilled. Apprenticeship, education, employment, work, patience Lack of focus, mystery, lack of ambition, boredom, laziness Consider expanding your skillset. Do not overstretch yourself with small details.


Nine of Pentacles, A woman carrying a strong bird on her wrist is standing in front of her harvest. All we can see around her and nine pentacles is true abundance. She has spent the long winter months growing her harvest and now she is able to reap the rewards. All the word she put into it is not seen. Instead, we are only left to stare in awe at the beauty she was able to produce. Success, accomplishments, abundance, pride, wealth Deception, lack of progress, premature celebrations, financial loss, delays Expect a large windfall of money soon. Do not count your chickens before they hatch.


Ten of Pentacles, The Ten of Pentacles is the family card. Two figures are united, smiling and enjoying their abundance. The energy of the ten represents completion and successful endings, which is why these two figures are so happy. Their wealth is multiplying and their family is multiplying. They have endured a lot to get to this point. They are most content because they have earned this growth and success. The future can only get brighter from here. Material wealth, family, wishes fulfilled, happiness, success Financial loss, isolation, sadness, loneliness, anxiety There may be a new addition to your family soon. You are taking your surroundings for granted.


King of Pentacles, The King of Pentacles is the money man. He represents a boss or financial wealth. He is the person who pays you and he does it happily with a smile on his face. He is secure and resourceful. He has grown his wealth from the bottom to the top all with his own expertise and the help of others. He knows when to say yes and when to say no. He is the perfect businessman. Business, wealth, financial security, success, new job Weakness, bad vices, poverty, mismanaged finances, loss A new business project could be heading your way. Someone is trying to undermine your authority.


Queen of Pentacles, The Queen of Pentacles supports others through her wealth and material sense. She knows when to give advice and when to give money. She is lavish and generous, but she knows how to keep herself to herself when it matters. Even though her energy is similar to a mother, she is also a business woman and believes that the arts can lead to material success. Abundance, generosity, stability, luxury, love Mystery, suspicion, doubt, fear, lack of balance A woman in your inner circle might be having a baby. You have too much greed to succeed in this situation.


Knight of Pentacles, The Knight of Pentacles is the most practical of all the knights. He rides his horse slowly, evaluating each step and making sure he is heading the right way. He knows where he wants to go, and for the first time, he knows how he is going to get there. He is ready to face any challenge that comes his way with his strategic sense and patience. He is young, but wise beyond his years. Practicality, wisdom, plans, interest, a business in sales Carelessness, foolhardy, stagnation, immaturity, worry A younger man or woman will give you excellent advice. Something certain in your life is losing permanence.


Page of Pentacles, The Page of Pentacles is young and has fresh ideas about how to go about his new business venture. He stares at the pentacle in his hand, which represents fresh opportunity and manifestation. He can make whatever he wants come true if he puts his mind to it. He wants a full life with adventures and stories, so he is putting plans in motion to make that happen. He is a true idealist. Scholarship, message of employment, studying, new perspective, wealth Stagnation, immaturity, casual spending, waste, bad news News about a position or contract will reach you. Look the other way for your golden opportunities.

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