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Tell me nothing, I'll tell you all

Tarot Q is a Free Tarot Reading App for
iPhone, iPad and Android.

Free Tarot Reading for

iPhone, iPad and Android.

Tell me nothing, I'll tell you all

Tarot Card Readings for Your Love, Career, and Money.

Spot-on tarot card readings for love, career, and money at your fingertips!

Ready to welcome positive energy into your life through tarot card readings, horoscope, and lessons in numerology? This is the app for you.

See what personalized tarot readings have to say about your past, present, and future with over 35 tarot spreads — all without seeing a fortune teller or psychic.


The app includes tarot spreads tailored to your specific questions about romance, job callings, and finances. Explore our extensive library of spreads!

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Uncover Your Destiny

Tarot Q is available now

on iPhone, iPad and Android

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